What is Global Angels?

The Global Angels Foundation is an international charity, empowering disadvantaged children and communities around the world.

They focus their efforts on those living in extreme poverty or disadvantage: street kids, orphans, trafficked kids, marginalised women and families, child slaves and those suffering as a result of devastated environmental conditions or natural disasters. Partner projects are strategically designed to equip individuals and their communities to turn their lives around, family by family, village by village, and in so doing, build their own model for sustainability.

Through the 100% Promise, every penny Global Angels receives from public donations goes directly to tangible on-the-ground resources such as safe drinking water food, education, homes, rehabilitation, medical care and disaster relief.

Global Angels

Why iMeProfile want to work with Global Angels

The iMeProfile team believe that making a difference is incumbent on all in Society. Global Angels looks to make a difference in a diverse range of communities in multiple countries. The ethos of Global Angels strikes a strong chord within the iMeProfile team and is a charity we are committed to support.

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