What is iMeProfile?

iMeProfile was created to provide businesses with an easy to use marketing tool that can bring your business to life. iMeProfile is your online business portal providing you with a:

  • media rich one page website; and
  • social media hub rolled into one.
  • Customers can contact you directly by phone, text, email or social media. You can easily promote your business by adding your iMeProfile as part of your email signature, or on your website. You can enable customer feedback for your business and provide a QR code for easy access to your profile. It is simplicity itself, and can be created in a few minutes. It is portable, universally accessible, and easy to manage.

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    Simplicity itself - to build your interactive presence on the web.

    Publicly visible - your iMe Profile can be seen by others without them needing an account or to sign in.

    Easy to Reach - drives awareness and for others to interact with you or your business.

    Promote and differentiate - your business with supporting documents, audio and video.

    Extend your Reach - Widen or target your business audience by using iMeProfile’s tools.

    Bringing it all together - on one page. Brand, core messages, social media, special deals and Event Promotion.

    Future proof your business - iMeProfile makes it easy to move with your business growth, strategy, changes in product and contact information.

    Our Mission

    Provide businesses with the ability to enhance their online business promotion activity. This is achieved through a simple, interactive feature rich 'hub', including social media and interactive media to provide a single, uncluttered 'snapshot' of your business.

    iMeProfile's Social Commitment is to the Global Angels Foundation, our charity of choice.